Saturday, April 13, 2013

Guy Kawasaki Tweets Too Much

The first time I heard about Guy Kawasaki, the former chief evangelist at Apple, was back when I was a software product manager.  At the office, two of his books, Rules for Revolutionaries, and Selling the Dream, were required reading.   Also, I remember hearing his motto about learning and spreading knowledge, “eat like a bird, poop like an elephant”, more than once in a meeting.  Since then, Kawasaki has continued to do very well.  He started a venture capital fund that invested in Pandora, and The Motley Fool.  More recently, he joined Google’s Motorola division as an advisor to the CEO.

When I learned Kawasaki had a twitter account, @GuyKawasaki, I followed him right away.  But, as I learned the next morning when I checked my twitter timeline, Guy Kawasaki tweets too much.  The chart below shows the average number of tweets posted by Kawasaki for every hour of the day.  The horizontal line shows that on average, he posts 4 tweets every hour.  That means that a day after I followed Kawasaki, he could have filled my twitter timeline with up to 96 new tweets.*  I am not the only person who has been unhappy with Guy’s volume of tweets.  He has been called a twitter spammer by some and was even called out for continuing to tweet after the Boston Marathon bombing.

In a perfect world, I would filter Kawasaki’s posts and only follow his most popular tweets.  However, I didn’t find a good way to do so.  In response, I am creating a model that will predict how many retweets each of Kawasaki’s tweets will ultimately receive.  Using the model, I will identify and share only Kawasaki’s top tweets.  This blog is meant to share the process of creating the model, and some of the information I learn in the process.

* This isn’t completely true.  Looking through Kawasaki’s tweets, I found that he deletes some of his posts. So, my timeline was filled with less than 96 tweets per day.  I will talk more about these disappearing tweets in future posts.

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